Director of Music (part time) – St. John’s Lutheran Church, Atlanta, GA

The Director of Music will assist the Minister of Word and Sacrament and the Worship and
Music Ministry Team in developing the congregation’s music ministry. In an aim toward a
comprehensive music program, the Director of Music will oversee the preparation and
deliverance of diverse music to reflect the needs and the mission of the congregation.

1. Musical Qualifications
a. Training and experience in piano/organ/keyboard.
b. Experience as a musician, choir director, handbell director, and leader of
congregational singing, with familiarity and proficiency with a variety of liturgical
c. Knowledge of copyright compliance, licensure, and current procedures to maintain
license regulations.

2. Personal Qualifications
a. Commitment to excellence in musical expression as an outgrowth of Christian faith.
b. Ability to develop, sustain, and nurture good interpersonal relationships.
c. Willingness to work as a team member with the Minister of Word and Sacrament and
the Worship and Music Ministry Team.
d. Accountable, adaptable, and flexible.
e. Ability to recruit, motivate, and inspire volunteers of all ages.
f. Ability to work with volunteers of varying musical background and experience.

3. Accountability
a. Accountable to the Personnel Ministry Team, report directly to the Minister of Word
and Sacrament, and work closely with the Worship and Music Ministry Team.
b. Attend regular staff meetings and assist in general planning and goal setting for
congregational worship.
c. Plan and lead at least 3 choir practices/month during the program year.
d. Attend special congregational events as musical needs require.
e. Meet monthly with the Worship and Music Ministry Team, and communicate
regularly with the Office Administrator and the Minister of Word and Sacrament with all
administrative needs and responsibilities.
f. Educate the congregation through classes, articles, and workshops as determined by
the Worship and Music Ministry Team.

4. Professional Development
a. Work 20 hours/week
b. Attend a continuing education workshop or event annually (continuing education
allowance provided by the congregation)
c. Keep professionally updated; membership in a professional music organization
d. Performance, benefits and salary reviewed annually by the Personnel Ministry Team
in consultation with the Minister of Word and Sacrament and the Worship and Music
Ministry Team.

5. Worship Responsibilities
a. Select and prepare appropriate music for worship services each week and for
additional services held throughout the year, including but not limited to:
Advent Mid-week Maundy Thursday
Christmas Eve Good Friday
Ash Wednesday Easter Vigil
Lent Mid-week Easter Services
b. Meet monthly with the Minister of Word and Sacrament and Worship and Music
Ministry Team to provide well-coordinated, varied, and meaningful worship, and report
all hymn titles, anthems, solos, and other music to Office Administrator for inclusion in
the weekly bulletin.
b. Attend seasonal worship planning retreats as scheduled.

6. Choir Responsibilities
a. Select appropriate music, adequately rehearse, and accompany volunteer and paid
musicians, including but not limited to: choirs, ensembles, bell choir, soloists/cantors, and
instrumentalists for weekly services and any additional services as needed.
b. Direct the Adult Choir at weekly rehearsals and Sunday services from September
through May. In June, July, and August, when the choir is on hiatus, special music should
be provided regularly.
c. Recruit new members for participation in the music program and encourage
congregational involvement in music and other related activities.
d. Coordinate a Children’s Music Program and schedule their inclusion in worship at
regular intervals.
e. Work with the Worship and Music Ministry Team to prepare a budget for each fiscal
f. Update and oversee maintenance of a music library.
g. Purchase new music as needed.
h. Be responsible for following all copyright guidelines.
7. Instruments and Equipment
a. Oversee the proper maintenance of all instruments belonging to the church. Supervise
and maintain all church musical equipment.
b. Guest musicians, students, or others requesting the use of St. John’s instruments will
be required to have prior approval from the Director of Music.
8. Weddings and Funerals
a. Be available to play/have first right of refusal for all special services according to the
wedding/funeral/special service policies of the congregation.
b. Be available to consult with families/couples in planning music for special services.

[Posted 8 AUG 2022]