Part-time Pianist – Mt. Hermon Presbyterian Church, Ila, GA

Our church is looking to hire a part time pianist to play music at our weekly Sunday services, (11-12 noon), three Sundays a month.   We do not require an organ major, simply someone who is capable of playing hymns from the current Presbyterian hymnal. We would be interested in hiring a student if you have one you would recommend.

Mt. Hermon is located about 25 miles from Athens straight up hwy 106.

We can offer a range of $100-$200 per visit depending upon an applicant’s experience and skill level.

Thank you for your time. My contact information is below.



Kathryn Miller



Mt. Hermon Presbyterian Church

5560 Commerce St.

Ila Ga, 30530

[Posted 17 FEB 2023]

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