Organist (part time) – St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, LaGrange, GA

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in LaGrange, Georgia is currently searching for a trained organist/choirmaster to work 3/8th time, or approximately fifteen hours per week.
The criteria for the position is as follows:
• Manage responsibility for the overall programming of the entire music ministry, which includes the adult
chancel choir, visiting musicians, and future development of a children’s choir
• Report directly to the Rector on all matters regarding church music
• Exhibit knowledge, appreciation, respect, and understanding of liturgical worship as it applies to Anglican
musical traditions
The candidate should be positive, creative, and willing to be a proactive partner in furthering the musical excellence of
the choir as well as involving the congregation in understanding how music enhances and energizes our life with God.
The candidate should be creative and actively grow and enhance the current program through the inclusion of both
congregational and community based musical opportunities.
The candidate we seek is willing to positively engage with the rector, the choir, the congregation, and the community
at large in unifying the current program through excellence and expectations in repertoire, rehearsal, and
Position Responsibilities
• Plan and coordinate with the Rector all musical offerings at St. Mark’s
• Perform, direct, and musically execute one Sunday service per week
• Musically prepare the adult chancel choir through scheduled and consistent rehearsals
• Exhibit advanced keyboard skills on both pipe organ and piano
• Exhibit ability to successfully direct from either the organ or the piano bench
• Explore ways to involve and nurture the musical talents of the parish through active inclusion of children,
youth, and adult members; we own 2 octaves of handbells that could be used for this purpose
• Actively involve, encourage, and enhance congregational singing
• Manifest an enthusiasm for the program which will attract new volunteers
• Selection of hymns, service music, anthems, preludes and postludes, in conjunction with the rector
• Musically manage any special programs as need be (e.g. Christmas, Holy Week, etc)
• Maintain St. Mark’s Music library, including ordering music and supplies
• Demonstrate proficiency with technology helpful to a church music program
• Coordinate servicing and voicing of pipe organ and pianos
• Serve as member of relevant church committees as it applies to the position
• Educate members of all ages in our rich Anglican musical and liturgical tradition
• Promote St. Mark’s as a music and performance resource and venue for the congregation and community at
large as part of overall Christian outreach
• Participate in professional educational opportunities that will build the St. Mark’s music program (there is
money budgeted for this purpose)

St. Mark’s Provides
• Salary, commensurate with experience and respectful of individual’s time; one month off per year
• II/15 Schantz with a 2018 Coulter console rebuild and memory upgrade
• Weddings and funerals to be coordinated at competitive rates
• Dedicated space for choir rehearsals, music library, and music office
• Clavinova digital pianos for rehearsal and performance use

Interested parties should contact the Rev. Allen Pruitt, rector of St. Mark’s
207 North Greenwood Street
LaGrange, GA 30240
Founded in 1864, St. Mark’s is a vibrant and growing parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta. Situated in beautiful
downtown LaGrange, St. Mark’s is located just 60 miles southwest of Atlanta, off Interstate 85.

[Posted 26 AUG 2021]