Part-time Music Director/Accompanist – Pilgrimage United Church of Christ, Marietta, GA


About Pilgrimage United Church of Christ (PUCC):  PUCC is an open and affirming congregation in Marietta, GA; as an ONA congregation, we affirm that gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer persons are of sacred worth, made in God’s image.

Our shared beliefs:

  • We believe that each person is unique and deeply loved by God
  • We accept everyone, wherever they are on life’s journey
  • As 21st century Christians, we need to re-interpret the teachings of Jesus for our contemporary lives
  • We believe that faith requires deep thought and deep feeling

PUCC is non-traditional by nature, but come expecting the familiar, as well as some service elements that are new to you!  Regardless of the style of worship, the service is true to the Biblical text and how it applies to ‘real life.’

Position Description 

The position of Music Director/Accompanist at PUCC is a very important ministry as it relates to the church’s worship style. The purpose of the position is to facilitate an atmosphere in which God is worshipped and glorified.  It contributes to the ministry of the Church by leading congregational singing, choir and any special music presented in worship services. This is a part-time, paid staff position, with duties primarily focused on Sunday morning worship. There will be some additional time involved during Christmas, Holy Week, and Easter seasons, as well as Wednesday evening choir practice, once that choir activity resumes.

Our PUCC music style is traditional and includes gospel hymns, supplemented by some folk and jazz compositions. Congregational singing will be primarily led using the UCC’s New Century Hymnal; therefore, familiarity with the Hymnal is important.  The Music Director/Accompanist works with the Ministerial Staff, with oversight by the Worship Committee. Work is reviewed through observation, supervisory evaluation, and committee and congregational feedback for effectiveness.

Providing music for wedding and funerals is not included in the basic responsibilities. The Music Director/Accompanist will be consulted regarding these and any additional events, and you will be compensated separately for your time. (Details will be handled by the event coordinator).

Primary Duties

  1. Collaborate remotely with the pastor and the worship committee for regular staff meetings, which include planning, consultation, and discussing the hopes and objectives for our worship music. This would be accomplished by means of a Virtual Meeting Service, such as Zoom or Go To Meeting. (Note: Once current health conditions improve, this may take place in person at Pilgrimage.)
  1. Play piano in the church sanctuary for the Sunday 10:00 a.m. Livestream Worship services and any 4:00 p.m. outdoor services on portable keyboard and perhaps one other service as may be scheduled. Familiarity with sacred music from a variety of cultural backgrounds is strongly desired.
  1. Play for special services in the church sanctuary, which would include Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Blue Christmas and both the early and the later Christmas Eve services.
  1. Person should be current on best practices and creative with technologies to help implement current needs and have a vision for expanding the program as it is safe to do so.
  1. Once social environments are considered safe and we are meeting in person, play piano at the 8:30 a.m. services in person. Conduct choir and play piano at our 10:00 a.m. worship service. Both last approximately one hour. Also work with the pastor regarding hymns, preludes, and offertories.
  1. Once social environments are considered safe and we are meeting in person , conduct and help lead music at special services and rehearsals including but not limited to Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Blue Christmas Service and Christmas Eve.
  1. Once social environments are considered safe and we are meeting in person, hold Handbell Choir rehearsals when scheduled and those rehearsals scheduled for small instrumental ensembles.
  1. Once social environments are considered safe and we are meeting in person, conduct one choir rehearsal Wednesday evenings each week for approximately one hour.
  1. Arrange for substitute music director/accompanist during any absences.


  1. Prior church piano playing experience is strongly preferred, whether volunteer or paid. Person will be expected to have prior experience conducting adult choirs and should be experienced in playing open score.
  1. Must have a good understanding of Christian Worship and how it fits into our liturgy. One should also be aware of and place emphasis on the use of Inclusive Language.
  1. The ability to select and arrange music that is commensurate with the abilities of both the congregation and the choir, once choir is meeting again, and supports the theme of the service. Have familiarity with sacred music from a variety of cultural backgrounds. In addition, candidate should be creative and current on best practices for musical programming and have familiarity with the UCC musical canon.
  1. The candidate should be able to perform music selections as they are written and at all levels of difficulty. Improvisational skills would also be a plus.
  1. Candidate should have expertise with technology and have the ability to implement and communicate musical programming for the congregation.
  1. Candidate should have sufficient knowledge of documentation regarding copyright and usage and will track the “One License” report for music selections used in worship.
  1. Preference will be given to candidates with experience leading other small groups, including hand bell choir (which has been a tradition at PUCC), small instrumental and vocal ensembles and recorder groups. Important to reach out within the congregation and communicate to soloists and those with musical talents for small ensembles. Will facilitate and provide ample rehearsal for such small group ensembles.
  1. Candidate has basic knowledge of standard church music literature and has expertise in playing and conducting a variety of musical selections including traditional, gospel, Baroque, Classical and music from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Must pass criminal and sexual misconduct background checks.

Please send your resume to the Hiring Committee at with the subject line (“Part Time Music Director/Accompanist Application”).

Pilgrimage United Church of Christ

3755 Sandy Plains Road

Marietta, Georgia 30066

[Posted 26 FEB 2021]


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