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The Atlanta Chapter Library of tapes, books, and music is available to serve all Chapter members. The Library is no longer housed at Columbia Seminary. If you desire a book from the Library or have any other inquiry, please contact


Anthology for Musical Analysis. Charles Burkhart.
First Year Analysis–Musical form. Thomas Tapper. Also, Musical Form and Analysis: Supplemental Material to First Year Analysis. Thomas Tapper.
Music for Advanced Study: A Source Book of Excerpts. Robert Melcher and Willard Warch.
Music for Study: A Source Book of Excerpts. Howard Murphy and Robert Melcher.
Music Literature, A Workbook for analysis. Vol. I: Homophony. Gordon Hardy and Arnold Fisk.


Gabriel Fauré. Emile Vuillermoz.
Lassus and Palestrina. Geoffrey Sharp.
Short Biographies of Late 19th and 20th Century Composers in Outline Form (each with a bibliography for further reading). Author unknown.


Art of the Choral Conductor, Vol. I. William J. Finn.
Art of the Choral conductor, Vol. II. William J. Finn.
Conducting Choral Music, 4th ed. Robert W. Ottman.
Music for Sight Singing, 2nd ed. Robert W. Ottman.
Music for the Protestant Church choir (“A descriptive and classified list of worship materials”). Dwight Steere.
A Singer’s Manual of English Diction. Madeleine Marshall.
Voice Building for Choirs. Wilhelm Ehmann and Frauke Hassemann.


The Church Organ: A Guide to Its Selection. Philip Gehring and Donald Ingram. (Two additional pamphlets on the same topic are included with this booklet.)
The Organ: Its Evolution, Principles of Construction and Use. William Leslie Sumner.
The Organ Handbook: Structure, Design, Maintenance, History and Function of the Organ. Hanz Klotz.
The Renaissance Organ (an article in Clavier, 1983). Edwin Weber.
Specifications for Organs Used in the Atlanta 1966 National Convention. Arthur Farlander.


The Invention and Composition of Music. Arthur Hutchings.


Counterpoint. Walter Piston.
Elementary Counterpoint. Goetschius.
Essentials of Eighteenth-Century Counterpoint. Neale B. Mason.
Polyphonic Composition. Owen Swindale.
Theory and Practice of Strict Counterpoint. V.V. Lytle.


A New Approach to Ear Training (A Programmed Course in Melodic Dictation). Leo Kraft.


Fugue. James Higgs.


Bach, J. S., 371 Four-part Chorales, Vol. 2 (for analysis and transposition).
Exercises for Organists, Book 1 (for sight-reading and transposition) C. S. Lang
Fifteen Short Preludes for Organ (trios adapted from Handel). Arranged by Jean Pasquet.
Ten Trios. Josef Rheinberger, Op. 49.
Thirty Trios. Harold Heereman.
Thirty Trios for the Organ (sight reading exercises in all keys). Harold Heereman.


Applied Harmony, Part I. George W. Wedge.
Applied Harmony, Part II. George W. Wedge.
Chromatic Harmony. Shir-Cliff, Jay, and Rauscher.
Elementary Harmony. C. H. Kitson.
Elements of Harmony. Stephen Emery.
Figured Harmony at the Keyboard, Part I. R. D. Morris.
Figured Harmony at the Keyboard, Part II. R. D. Morris.
Harmony, 3rd ed. Walter Piston.
Harmony Book for Beginners. Preston Ware Orem.
Harmonic Materials in Tonal Music: A Programmed Course, Part I. Paul O. Harder.
Harmonic Materials in Tonal Music: A Programmed Course, Part II. Paul O. Harder.
Keyboard Harmony. George A. Wedge.
Music for Keyboard Harmony. Robert Melcher and Willard Warch.
Traditional Harmony, Book I. Paul Hindemith.
Workbook for Chromatic Harmony. Chir-Cliff, Jay, and Rauscher.


Creative Hymn-Singing. Alice Parker.
The Hymnal (Episcopal) and How It Grew. Arthur Farlander.
The Hymnal: What It Is. Arthur Farlander.
A Joyful Sound: Christian Hymnody. William Reynolds and Milburn Price.
A Survey of Christian Hymnody. William J. Reynolds.


Organ Improvisation for Beginners. Jan Bender.


Art of Listening: Developing Musical Perception. Browsky and Bamberger.
Joy of Music. Leonard Bernstein. (2 copies)
Talks about Beethoven’s Symphonies. Theodore Thomas and Frederick Stock.


Exercises for Organists, Book II. C. S. Lang.
Little Organ Book for Beginners in Organ Playing. Flor Peeters.
Methode d’Orgue. Marcel Dupre.
Method of Organ Playing. Harold Gleason. (2 copies)
The Oxford Organ Method. C. H. Trevor.
The Technique and Art of Organ Playing. Clarence Dickinson.


Basic Concepts in Music Education, Part I. National Society for the Study of Education, 1958.


A Book of Modern Composers. David Ewen.
Historical Anthology of Music (illustrative compositions from the fifth through the sixteenth century; no commentary). Archibald Davison and Willi Apel.
The History and Literature of Music, 1750 to the Present: With Special Emphasis on Analysis of Style and Form. David D. Boyden.
A History of Musical Thought, 3rd ed. Donald Ferguson.
A History of Western Music, revised ed. Donald J. Grout.
An Introduction to Music, 3rd ed. Martin Bernstein and Martin Picker.
Music in the Romantic Era. Alfred Einstein.
Music in the 20th Century. William Austin.
Music Literature Outlines, Series II: Music in the Baroque. Harold Gleason.
Musigraphs (seven large charts tracing the history of music from 600 B.C. to 1950). Martin Stellhorn.
Nineteenth Century Romanticism in Music. Rey M. Longyear.
The Sonata in the Baroque Era. William S. Newman.
Tradition vs. Experimental Trends in 2th C. Music (article in The American Music Teacher, 1970). Harold Zabrack.


Orchestration. Walter Piston.
The Technique of Orchestration, 2nd ed. Kent W. Kennan.


J. S. Bach and the Bach Family in Editions by Hansler (listings of compositions in Hansler editions).
Survey of Organ Literature and Editions. Marilou Kratzenstein.


Pipe Organ Registration. Jack C. Goode.


The Art of Fugue (pocket score). J. S. Bach.
Four Masses for Four Voices, Vol. 25. Palestrina.
Four Masses for Four Voices, Vol. 39. Palestrina.
Music for Sightsinging, 2nd ed. Robert W. Ottman.
Nine Symphonies of Beethoven (pocket scores).
Norton Scores. Vol. II: Schubert to Copland.
Preparatory Exercises in Score Reading. Morris and Ferguson.
Score Reading: A Series of Graded Excerpts. Martin Bernstein.
Symphonic Skeleton Scores: Franck D minor (pocket score).
Symphonies of Brahms (1-4) and Tschaikowsky (4-6) (pocket scores).
Symphonies of Haydn, Mozart, Schubert (pocket scores of selected symphonies).
Thirty Trios. Harold Heereman.
Thirty Trios for the Organ (Sight Reading Exercises in All Keys). Harold Heereman.
Three Masses for Four Voices, Vol. 8. Palestrina.
Three Masses for Four Voices, Vol. 50. Palestrina.
Tschaikowsky Symphony No. 5 in E minor (pocket score).


Professional Concerns Publications: I. Employment. AGO Publication.
Professional Concerns Publications: II. Financial Concerns. AGO Publication.


Bridal Guide: A Complete Guide to Weddings in Churches and Synagogues, 3rd ed. Pamela Thomas.

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