Chapter Policies

Address Labels

Self-adhesive Atlanta Chapter address labels are available for noncommercial uses at $25.00 per set postpaid. Labels can be supplied in alphabetical order by name or numerical order by zip code. Contact the Newsletter Editor.

Atlanta Chapter Scholarships

For information, contact

Chapter Historian

The chapter keeps copies of publications, programs, photos and other historical items.If you are interested in seeing any of these items, or in contributing some, please contact

Chapter Scholarship and Recital Funds

The chapter welcomes contributions to our Scholarship and Recital Funds, both of which are appropriate for memorial gifts. Checks may be sent to the Chapter Treasurer.

Dinner Reservation Policy

The following policy has been approved by the Atlanta Chapter’s Executive Board, effective September 1, 1998.
NO SHOWS –Should a chapter member be unable to attend a chapter meeting for which (s)he has made a dinner reservation, the member shall be assessed 100% of the individual dinner fee, per reservation made.
UNPAID DINNER FEES –Should a member fail to pay the outstanding meal charges, (s)he will not be eligible for local chapter benefits until such outstanding fees are paid.

Events Calendar

The chapter keeps a master calendar of musical events in Atlanta churches, on which members may register events in hopes of preventing conflicts. To check previously scheduled events or to add a program to the calendar, contact Events Calendar Coordinator.


The Atlanta Chapter library of tapes, books, and music is available to all chapter members. At each meeting a complete annotated listing of all tapes and books will be available for each member who desires one. An index of the music (which represents primarily the personal library of Miss Eda Bartholemew) is in preparation.  If you desire a book from the library or have any other inquiry, please contact the Chapter Librarian. Donations and bequests of tapes, organ music, and books that would be helpful to Guild members will be appreciated.

Referral Service

The Atlanta Chapter referral service is an information bureau for those interested in church positions and for churches wishing to hire organists and choral directors. The service is available to members of the Atlanta Chapter (including dual members with primary affiliation in other chapters).
Candidates and positions are kept on the active referral list for three months. Open positions are printed monthly in the chapter newsletter. Referrals are provided as information; the Guild makes no effort to match skills with responsibilities of a position.