Our Leadership

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Officers & Board 2023-2024

Co-Deans Joanne Cobb Brown, CAGO and Alexandra “Sandy” Land
Co-Sub-Deans Caroline Robinson, DMA and Sean Vogt, DMA
Secretary Pamela Radford, MM
Treasurer Nancy Dickson
Registrar David Barber, EdD
Newsletter Editor Timothy Gunter
Chaplain The Rev. Dr. John Beyers
Auditor Lamar Savage
Webmaster Jennifer Waggoner

Executive Committee

Class of 2024 Bill Calloway
Class of 2024 Mary Ruth Laverty Solem, BM Ed.
Class of 2025 Valerie Pool
Class of 2025 Dr. Keith Walker
Class of 2026 Jeff Funderburk
Class of 2026 Keith Wilson

Atlanta Chapter Committees

/ Competitions / Scholarships
Chapter Commissions  
National/Regional Competitions  
Student Scholarships Peter Waggoner
Young Organists Initiatives

Matthew Michael Brown, Chair

Taylor Competition Raymond Chenault – Co-Chair

Dr. Timothy Wissler  – Co-Chair

Rachel Ficklin

Charles Higgs

Sarah Martin

Robert Mays

James Mellichamp

Used Music Sales Open
Newsletter: The Organizer Timothy Gunter – Editor
Ralph Daniel – Advertising
Social Media Tim Young – Facebook

Dr. David Barber – Google Groups

Website Jennifer Waggoner – Webmaster
Yearbook Timothy Gunter – Production
Advertising Ralph Daniel – Advertising
TBD – Editor
Dr. David Barber – Registrar
TBD – Associate Editor
John Sabine – Supply Musicians &
Yearkbook Editors Jeremy Rush
Archives The Atlanta History Center
Alvin Blount – Historian
Chapter Library TBA – Coordinator
Georgia Pipe Organ Catalog Justin Maxey
Endowment / Investment / Planned Giving
Herb Buffington – Chair
Dr. James Mellichamp
Fay Pierce
Ben Harris – Investment Advisor
Hamilton Smith
Warren Williams
Dr. Timothy Wissler
Dinner Reservations David Barber – Coordinator
Dinner Check-in & Cashiers Don Land – Coordinator
Programs & Hospitality Cliff Frierson – Programs
Keith Williamson – Hospitality
Phoenix Flies Program Andrew Singletary
Recruitment, Integration,
 – Coordinator
Student Outreach Dr. Nicole Marane
Young Organists Initiatives  
Professional Development
Certification and Education Jeffrey McIntyre, CAGO
Exam Proctor Coordinator
Employment Referrals & Support

Arie Motschman – Coordinator

John Beyers
Marilyn Oakes
Peter Waggoner

Supply Musicians / Teachers & Practice
Location Lists
Jeremy Rush

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