Extended Illness Assistance Plan

The Atlanta Chapter AGO Extended Illness Assistance Plan is designed to give aid to AGO members and their institutions in times when the AGO member is on extended leave because of illness.

The Plan exists to encourage an institution to retain its musician in the case of extended illness, both to afford the musician continued access to health insurance and salary, and to allow the institution to maintain quality musical leadership in its worship services.

In addition, it is hoped that the Plan will stimulate AGO members to discuss with their institutions the wisdom of budgeting for reasonable sick leave and vacation time for their principal musician(s), should those benefits not already be in place.

How the Plan Works

  1. The AGO member requests the Plan in writing, addressed to the Executive Board of the Atlanta Chapter.
  2. The first twelve weeks of leave will be covered by the institution with accrued sick leave and vacation time.
  3. After twelve weeks, a volunteer or volunteers from the AGO will begin to cover the musical needs for the principal weekly worship service. These musical needs will include the week-night rehearsal for one choir, and a shorter rehearsal of same prior to the service, plus the playing of the service itself.
  4. The Plan will end after three months (which is the same as after six months of actual leave).

Coordination of services and volunteers will be handled by a special committee (the Extended Illness Assistance Plan Committee) appointed by the Dean of the Chapter.

How Atlanta Chapter Members May Participate

Persons on the AGO substitute list may donate one or more weeks of service. Those with regular positions but who have vacation time or continuing education time may donate a week, either by actually playing at the institution in need,or by playing at their regular institution and arranging for their employer to donate the cost of a substitute. Further, the choir at the institution in need might be rehearsed at a time not in conflict with a person’s regular job.

Those wishing to be put on the list as a potential volunteer may do so by calling a member of the special Extended Illness Assistance Plan Committee.